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“Art that takes you to a place of tranquility and contemplation.”


About Jeriann…


Born and raised in Southeastern Wisconsin, Jeriann Dosemagen is a former business executive who is now living her dream as a professional artist. Throughout her childhood, Jeriann was extremely passionate about art and had early dreams of creating art for a living. However, when she became a single parent she put those dreams on ‘pause’ to pursue a career in business. Despite thriving in numerous leadership positions, Jeriann’s inner desire to become an artist remained strong. As a result, she carefully planned an early exit strategy from Corporate America so she could pursue art as a second career. Once retired, Jeriann relocated to Mesa, Arizona and completed a comprehensive art program where she learned the painting techniques of the old masters. She’s been creating and selling her artwork throughout the U.S. ever since. 

Inspired by nature, Jeriann focuses on the unique application of color and lighting in her art, transporting her collectors into a realm of beauty, tranquility and contemplation. Her paintings are intended to “draw people in to a place where they can pause, take a deep breath, unwind and recharge”. Specializing primarily in oils, Jeriann also likes to experiment with acrylics and a variety of other mixed media. In particular, she loves the look and feel of thick, vivid, layered brushstrokes and dots (impressionistic pointillism) which she applies to everything from landscapes to portraits. Her detailed charcoal and graphite pieces have also been recent attention grabbers.

Working from her AZ home studio that is open year round, Jeriann feels that fresh air, natural light and loud music are the key essentials for inspiring her creativity. Aside from painting, Jeriann is an avid reader and enjoys traveling internationally to experience different cultures and cuisines. She and her significant other, Paul Garcia, also enjoy biking, swimming and kayaking, as well as spending time with their friends and family. 

Bookmark this website and come back often to see how Jeriann’s voice and style evolve as she continues to explore on her artistic journey!


I like to set the bar high, and I work really hard to make my dreams a reality. Because being wired like this can sometimes lead to stress, I know that finding healthy ways to decompress is crucial.”

— Jeriann Dosemagen


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“Damn Right I’ve Got The Blues” -  Commissioned Drawing

“Damn Right I’ve Got The Blues” - Commissioned Drawing